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Besides the Toddler Travel bed what else do you need to travel with?

Toddlers generally need a lot of gear when travelling. The secret that all parents need to learn is the easy way of packing light luggage including the gear that they require.  It’s also important to make sure we budget and get only that which fits within our budget.

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We need to know the right toddler gear to carry and this list here is a helper to knowing what we are to bring.besides-the-toddler-travel-bed-what-else-do-you-need-to-travel-with

The list includes:

  1. Car seat–Car seats are great for road trips and very flexible while flying.  Most airlines allow you to bring a car seat while others will ask you to rent theirs.  A car seat keeps your toddle secure on the plane’s seat.  You will need to fly with your car seat if you have booked your child a seat on the plane and if you are driving a far distance from the airport to your destination.
  2. A lightweight Umbrella Stroller–A portable stroller is a must have, it should be light in weight weighing about 8 pounds but of course hold your child’s weight.  It should be packed in your carry-onbag so that is helps you with your child’s needs as you walk through the airport.  After a long flight the last thing you want is to walk around with your child on your hands.  For travel purposes, choose an inexpensive quick folding umbrella stroller and keep it with you throughout the travel.
  3. A portable Potty Seat–Toddlers who are still in diapers do not need this but those who have outdone diapers this is a necessary requirement for them.  There are two options to choose from:-
  4. A toddler potty seat – It sits on top of the standard toilet to make the toilet seat fit their little bums.  If you have been using this at home, don’t change just because you are travelling, bring it along or buy one specifically for travelling. It is known to take all the anxiety away from your little one as they use the toilet in the hotel or wherever you are visiting.
  5. A travel potty chair – It is a free standing seat that easily folds up to fit in your luggage bag and some comes with disposable liners.  Both of these options are affordable and work just fine for your toddler giving them the same environment they are used to at home.
  6. A travel Tray for Playing–this tray is eaily fitted on the car seat to help keep the child’s snacks and toys within his reach.  This makes it less likely to have things keep falling off the ground.  Choose a tray that is easy to clean and that is lightweight and one that can easily be wiped off.
  7. A toddler travel bed – Don’t pack all the other gears and leave his sleeping bed out. You will need this to keep him sleeping just like he is home on his favorite bed.  Bring sheets or blankets that he is acquainted to, to ensure he gets familiar fast in the new environment.